We strive to provide our clients with the insight, reach and assessment in the makings of political and economical developments in Israel that is often critical to the process of reaching sound decisions and develop new opportunities. Our team's multi-disciplinary approach, cumulative experience and expertise enable us to provide our clients with a tailor made and comprehensive solution to the challenges they face.


Adv. Shay Sohlberg, Founder and Managing Director

Shay has extensive experience in mega-project tenders involving a multitude of government
ministries. He served as Dep. CEO for the Metropolitan Mass Transit System for 12 Years, leading
the BOT tender for one of Israel's most ambitious transportation projects. Shay is a trusted
advisor to many ministerial and government offices and has chaired many public committees
creating legislation for numerous high-profile national projects. He is an active team member of
"Netivey Israel Plan" led by the Ministry of Transportation, as well as the Israel Ports Development
& Assets Company for the implementation of Israel's new dry port. Shay is a member of the Israeli
Bar Association, holds a Bachelors degree in Economics, an LLB and an MBA.

Dr. Idit Sohlberg, Chief Economist

Idit's consulting experience covers an all-embracing and multi-disciplinary area of expertise,
serving clients such as the Israeli Bar Association, private law firms, pension funds, and financial
institutions. Idit is the present Chairwoman of the Keren Kesem Investment Fund, and is head of
the Policy Research and Management Center at Ariel University as well as a senior lecturer there.
She was formerly a senior economist at the research department of the Bank of Israel for 17
years, and Chairwoman of the Union Bank of Israel. Idit holds a Doctorate in Economics from
Tel Aviv University.

Mr. Eitan Yarden, IT & Technology

Eitan has over 15 years of experience in software development and maintenance and acted as
head of software development and chief architect of the elite technology development unit of
the Israeli Air Force. Eitan holds a BA summa cum laude and a Masters degree, with honors in
computer science from Bar Ilan University.

Mr. Shaul Yahalom, Advisory Board

Shaul is a former Israeli Minister of Transportation and a member of the Israeli Parliament. He
currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the Gilad Pension Fund, and is a board member for
several companies in the private sector.

Dr. Shaul Yutav, Advisory Board

Shaul is one of Israel's leading experts in the insurance and risk management field. He has held
senior management positions in the financial services and pensions industry, as well as serving
on the board of investment committees, and brings a wealth of multi-disciplinary expertise in
management consultancy. Shaul holds a Doctorate in Mathematics a LLB.